Five Blog Names That Didn’t Make It

During my ponderings on naming this fledgling WordPress site, I went through a few ideas that were skipped for various reasons. I liked the idea of having a funny and memorable title, but ditched the following for various reasons. A few might still be useful ideas for you. Feel free to grab or modify.

5. Steve’s Evil Plan

I happened on this idea while setting up my learning plan on Esri’s training portal: Esri Academy. I believe I was prompted to name the plan and … Bwhahaha! I still smile every time I return to keep working on it. I decided that calling this site a plan, meant I might actually need to put a plan out there. You know, I’m not entirely sure what the plan for the site is. I do know it involves sharing insight and experience on things that I’m interested in. Not so evil I guess. Maybe “Steve’s Not-So-Evil Plan?”

4. The Cheatsheet

I like making cheat sheets for myself. Hints, something to remind my later self how I did something. Sharing a bunch of these could be useful for someone else, were I to flesh them out some and keep them up to date. For me, this name seems to limit your expectations of what you’d find here, so I skipped over it.

3. <RANT ON>

Initially I liked the idea for this one. an HTML style section header for a collection of ranting posts about stuff. Each post could end with </RANT>, <RANT OFF>, or the terse </>. I suppose it’s a fun idea at first, but not really the way I like to start conversations. Too shouty or confrontational I guess. It’s out. I suppose it could be modified to be more positive: <COOL STUFF>here</>.

2. The Toolshed

If you’ve got a blog with a bunch of how-tos on computer tools, this might be a good metaphor. You might extend idea that with other site areas: garage, kitchen, living room, playroom, bookshelf, work bench, junk drawer, etc. Obviously, there are other connotations that suggest I should probably avoid this particular name.

1. Unintentionally Retired

That’s a sort-of-funny way at poking fun at the very real stigma of being downsized. Unfortunately, it sounds permanent which is not what I want at all. I still want to continue making money working at what I do including moving forward with new skills. I’ve got a family to feed and one more kid to put through college. That company’s miscalculation is not going to be the end my life’s work. It didn’t – I’m employed again.

And now …

Here’s my post describing The Front Burner.

Have you run across any good ones?

Please share with us!

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