School Maker Faire

My exhibit table

My good friend Joey Ramirez was heading up the School Maker Faire® at the elementary school and he asked if I’d like to present my Star Display as an exhibitor. I’m definitely a Maker Faire kind of guy, so I jumped right on board.

The two-hour after-school event was put on by Joey and the PTA, with the help of the Thinkery and the local robotics teams. Sponsors included: Pawsitively Healing Veterinary HouseCalls, Steiner Cleaners, and RG Orthodontics.

Our family’s been immersed in the local STEM and robotics groups for years, so there were lots of friendly, familiar faces. I was glad to show what I’d been working on recently, and I was impressed by what they had accomplished since we were here.

A few of the other exhibits and activities


The robotics team hosted a nice interactive LEGO® robotics “play” area on their FIRST® FLL competition arenas. They also brought along two 3D printers that demonstrated the new equipment and skills they are using.

Student exhibits

Numerous school students presented their own tech and craft skills:

  • a giant rocket model made from PVC pipe
  • a plethora of Nintendo Labo projects
  • some excellent and arty craft glue projects
  • a flying Captain America shield made from cardboard and duct tape

The Thinkery

These exhibits were top notch and really got the kids involved in making:

  • Marble run chutes / sculptures on pegboard walls
  • Drawing with buzzy, wobbly, scribble bots
  • Building electric circuits that lit up and spun corks around like tops.

It’s a Major Award!

I was rather surprised that they handed out awards for the adult run exhibits, but it was a nice gesture on the part of the PTA. It made me feel like I’d won the science fair.

Wait… Doesn’t “coolest” override “coolest use”?

Well, it wasn’t a science fair, and maybe I didn’t really “win” after all, but I sure did enjoy it. I’m sure to be seen wearing my “winner” ribbon around town for at least 1.21 months. Thanks for the invite Mr. Ramirez, and thanks for bringing us all together to show our “maker” sides!

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