1958 Aerial Mosaic, Steiner Ranch, Travis County

50dpi version of the original 300dpi 16″x20″ print

About this Map

The main image was assembled in 2018 from several individual aerial photographs taken over 60 years ago. The public domain images are available through a web repository owned by the City of Austin. I learned about them while researching the path of a Boy Scout trail that used to pass through Steiner Ranch. The whole poster idea came about after I had created the mosaic for my research. My wife said “You should print that and put it up at Cups & Cones.” I listen to her most of the time. 😉 You can view it there if you’re in the neighborhood. I had the idea for the “classic” border. I’m open to ideas for other formats/media. Contact me through the e-mail link at to left if you are interested.

2 thoughts on “1958 Aerial Mosaic, Steiner Ranch, Travis County

    1. Thanks! It does look nice on my wall. Assembling these can be _very_ tedious if the images have not been georeferenced yet. This set was pretty good to begin with, but did require tweaking. It feels pretty good when you get it all together. I’ve had a suggestion to do a then/now aerial, but the now picture is always a moving target. I suppose I’m still on the fence, but my first thought was to save the page area/resolution for the old photos.


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