Old vs New

I spent a bit of time this morning trying to locate my copy of Forrest Mim’s Engineer’s Notebook. I was intending to write about that excellent publication being influential in my decision to become an engineer. I never did find its hiding spot. While I was hunting, I got to thinking about something else:

What do I really want to concentrate on for this new blog?

Do I want to detail my engineering history? i.e. just make a beefed up resume? Or, do I want to concentrate on the new stuff? I think I ought to lean toward the new stuff.

That said, the history of “me” really does pertain to what I’m working on now. The skills I’ve honed over time always lead me to believe I can approach a new task borrowing at least a little from what I already know. So it’s easy to say: “I can do that!” or, “I want to do it differently this time”. I’m sure I’ll get to talk about the old stuff as it comes up. That’s in my nature. I just don’t want to write only about history. I want make sure to write about now.

There is a nice write-up on the Mims notebooks over here.

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