Good morning, ordinary people!

As the rest of the world does their morning routine…

I’m pondering what everyone else is doing this beautiful Thursday morning. The eclipsolunatic is poring through all the checklists he’s been building these last few months.

Yes, I’m packing for departure to-mor-row mor-ning! But first, I’m starting off with a cup of Joe in my spiffy new mug.

The ordinary people idea is a nod to character Sheldon Cooper’s visit to the grocery store:

Sheldon: This is great. Look at me, out in the real world of ordinary people, just living their ordinary, colorless, workaday lives.

Penny: Thank you.

Sheldon: No, thank you. And thank you, ordinary person.

“The Luminous Fish Effect”, S1E4, The Big Bang Theory

One of these days I’ll drone on about my frustration with the show making fun of scientists and engineers, but today I’ve got a lot of things to do.

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