Eclipse Science and Safety

Yesterday, our Cub Scout pack turned out a week in advance of the solar eclipse to learn about science and safety. We also worked on requirements for their 2017 eclipse patch.

BSA Solar Eclipse Patch

The lesson was structured as a “reverse quiz”. The attendees asked canned questions found on randomly drawn slips of paper. Our eccentric instructor answered as best he could. I think he might have been sneaking peeks at his notes. Nobody can keep that much eclipse info in their head at once.

These pictures were frame captures from video taken by the scouts.

These binocular solar filters have been given “professional” facings.
Looking for sunspots.
One scout’s design adds extra solar shielding from a box making it cooler and removing some internal reflections on the inside of the glasses.
Looking for sunspots.
Demonstrating a pinhole box viewer.
Demonstrating an pinhole box viewer made from paper tubes.
What it looks like during totality.
Who will be able to see the eclipse on August 21st?
What is the pinhole effect?
Put on your solar helmet, Box Man!
What is the diamond ring effect?
There’s a DIY solar filter made from the Silver-Black polymer film from Thousand Oaks Optical on the front end of the telescope.
Hopefully the number answering yes will increase this year.
Checking out the sunspots.
There’s still a sliver! Approaching totality in this video from 1991.
Get ready to try something like this during the eclipse!

I used holes from a push pin. You might try something bigger. Maybe a bunch of different sizes to see what works best

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