Sorry dear, I think he’s been infected

My son demonstrating his own solar apparatus

Well, it was bound to happen. He’s been watching me build solar contraptions for quite a while now, and he had his own idea. The idea was to block out as much extraneous light as possible by making a sort of helmet with eclipse goggles to filter the sun. The BM stands for Box Man. You know I’m proud!

How about this one:

Another eclipse viewer

It’s an indirect eclipse viewer: our own collaborative design. We started with ideas gleaned from a Boy’s Life article. There’s a pinhole in aluminum foil at the top of a stack of two paper towel tubes. That puts a ¼” image onto white cardboard at the bottom of this half oatmeal container. The eyepiece is a toilet paper tube pointed at the image. He built it and tested it with some guidance. You aim it by minimizing the shadow of the tall tube on the oatmeal box end.

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