DIY Solar Filters for Binoculars

What’s going on in this picture?

Selfie showing the DIY filters I made for my binoculars. Of course I can’t see anything dimmer than the Sun though them. 🙂 I used the same construction technique as I did for the telescope filters. The cool eclipse mirror is the one that hangs in the art niche in our hallway.

When I showed these filters to my dear son, he commented that he didn’t think they looked very professional. At that moment I had a very “professional” idea…

8/5/17 Update

Some “Sun Shades” for the binocular eclipse filters!

When you are facing the sun for long periods of time, you might benefit from an extra bit of shade. Hence, the shielding disks I added. As I manipulated the binoculars to adjust for eye distance, I realized the disks were kind of “eclipsey”, so I decided to put sun and moon images on them. Well, that simply wasn’t enough drama, so I added faces. The sunglasses idea just tries to bring some sanity back to the whole thing. Totally professional! I can not wait until I whip these out in public! I might need a piece of white “tape” to hide that crack between the glasses halves.

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