What the heck is an eclipsolunatic?

Yep, that’s one right there


e·clip·so·lu·na·tic (i-ˈklip-sō-lü-nə-tik) n. Person obsessed with eclipses to the point of insanity – but not quite, as they can probably quit any time. syn: ECLIPSE CRAZY

Identifying the eclipsolunatic in the wild

One easily visible sign is that his hat may be on backwards. Not for lunatic style, but because it interferes with viewfinder work. Another telltale sign is wide open bug eyes. His eyes may be glazed, red, or downright smoking if he forgot to put the safety filter on. Retinal ghosting may have him stumbling around like a drunken fool. He might be a little crazy from the heat and/or “eclipse time crunch” stress. WARNING: Stay well clear of this fellow.

The E-word

As far as I know, the six sylable frankenword eclipsolunatic didn’t exist on the internet before I smashed all the terms together: eclipse, Sol, Luna, lunatic. I did a google search in 2012 and didn’t see one hit. Proof! 😉

That word again came to mind after I had my son take this picture:

I’m … man

Ellipsis Man? Nope, not the series of dots representing an omission. Something else, I just didn’t know what to put there. Where? In the caption? No, right here on my chest! I knew I wanted a new eclipse t-shirt to wear for the coming eclipse, and I thought I’d better figure something out. Yeah, something I could subject the whole family to. What was it? Dangling Preposition Man? No! Keep it together … Man, and stop talking to yourself. OK, OK, you don’t have to be so critical of you.

OK, so let’s take one tiny step back because I know you have questions. And it’s not just questions about sanity. Your real question is: “What is that cape thing in the photo and why would you put that photo out in a public place?” [Nailed it didn’t I?]


It’s not a cape!

What, again? Another embarrassing picture?

So it looks like a cape, but it’s really something to use as sun shade at the solar telescope. I was really wanting something that’s white on one side and black on the other. The idea is to keep the sun’s rays out and the dark in. The sun had been frying me while viewing and I think it was cooking my brain. I needed some shady relief. The covers they sell for telescopes are pretty expensive. I found this inexpensive silver waterproof barber cape online. It works well draped over a black layer of muslin. Maybe you are looking for a solution yourself? There it is, and that’s my story.

Oh wait, so it actually is a cape then? Yes, yes, but we can restrain our self right? Uh, apparently, not. Dun, dun, da, DUUN!

I did press on to make the logo and the shirt. I never did go back and ask my sidekick to re-take the pictures in the shirt with the, ahem, telescope cover.

Are you an eclipsolunatic too?

I do have some stuff for you to peruse at the Eclipsolunatic Emporium.

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